I’ve been here for four months now, and I have one month left. The city is a big mix of cultures, flavours, people and smells. There’s a mix between the concrete jungle and beautiful landscapes that are just within a minutes walk. It’s like they’re sharing the same space. That’s a neat extravagance. You can see people from all over the world in the city. There are people from business and industry and tourists.

Shelley Beach is a special place for me in Sydney. It’s small but you can swim there. You can see animal life, like a carpet shark right next to people and they don’t realise they’re surrounded by these kinds of animals.

That place is relaxing. Swimming there is like an active meditation. I can keep my experience there as a memory of quiet and calm and use it when I need to.

I think that’s the soul of the beach. It’s the cohesion of the smells and the sun – they catalyse to create a specific extravagant experience.


saltwater, water on rocks (mix between algae and the rocks), wet sand, water in a forest