I’ve been in Sydney for four months, and because I come from Sweden where there’s a mentality of ‘everything in it’s right amount’ (lagom) I noticed that everything is bigger here: cars, croissants, plates of food, houses, people, and the city is spread out.

I live in the Inner West and the scent of jasmine is overpowering, it wafts in through the screen doors.

The bugs scared me at first, especially cockroaches. But now whenever I see a cockroach I associate them with the cockroach from the movie WALL E and I think they’re kind of cute. I was overwhelmed by the flies and mosquitoes too, so now I’m in the habit of always keeping aerosol repellent with me whenever it gets dark. The repellent has become a scent of Sydney for me. Whenever my boyfriend kisses my arm he cringes at the taste of the repellent. Also, the repellent makes my dog sneeze.


aerosol insect repellent, jasmine, old dog, the smell of sweet bread from Bread Top.