We were thinking about equality when listening to the Anne Summers interview. One of us is Swedish and one of us is Australian. The scent we are attempting to design is a Swedish concept mixed with Australian scents. The concept is ‘lagom’, which means everything in the right amount. One theory of the word is that the term comes from Viking times, when seafaring Vikings needed to divide the daily alcohol ration fairly within the group. If one drank too much then the last one would receive too little. This is probably why socialism has worked well in Sweden. Lagom is one of the pillars of Swedish culture.

We need some Lagom in Sydney. We would like Sydney to be a place where people are treated equally and thus have meeting places across boundaries.


The ocean (you should be allowed to come here by boat) mead, honey, beer, tarred wooden boats, the nice smell of the closeness of people.


Phillippa & Patrik Jarlestam-Haste