We’re very into ocean pools and swimming in the ocean. The rockpools have tiny forms of life, and it gives us a taste of this huge huge unknown part of our planet. Vegetation, crustaceans… it’s a microcosm. The ocean is like space, it’s an unknown. Swimming in the ocean gives us a glimpse, like looking at the stars. There’s a power to the ocean, it puts us in our place. We are a tiny dot in the scheme of things.

We love the bogey hole in Newcastle, it’s just reopened. The bogey hole was built by convicts. And we love McIver pool in Coogee, the ladies baths. There’s a freedom there for women.

I never have a shower after swimming, I like to stay salty as long as possible. I like the sound of floating because you can hear yourself breathe and you can hear your heartbeat.


Two saltinesses: a fresh salt and a more aged salt.
Green sea weed. The fluid out of that bubbly sea weed that you can pop.


Lauren and Diana Waring