After living in Sydney for about a year I went to Centennial Park. Walking around I could recognise some smells. The eucalyptus. The fresh cut grass. There were snippets of memory.

But it was not until I got to this pine grove that I got this conglomeration of smells that triggered this sense of home. Of belonging. That was Portugal.

The coastal country side i grew up in is similar to the pine smells of Sydney. The combination of European style gardens and wild Eucalyptus and pine. That was smell that… it’s hard to explain. That was the smell that triggered the feeling of having been there before. I suddenly felt I’d been here before even though I hadn’t.


Pine, fresh cut grass, eucalyptus, the smell of belonging. Travelling in the car with your mum and dads your brothers. It’s the smell of picnic, fresh tomato sandwiches.


Pedro Telleria