The scent that is most connected to a memory for me, is the smell of Christmas at my grandma’s in Manly.
You enter her house walking up a path lined with gardenias. The heat makes the smell travel. The gardenia smell gets you excited, and lets you know that it’s Christmas. The connection to family is really important, and my grandmother is the matriarch in our family, she brings everyone together. As you walk into the house you can smell the sweet salty scent of baking ham. The pine needles of the Christmas tree in the living room have a distinct scent too. As you go to hug all of your relatives you’re greeted with the smells of sunscreen, perfume and foundation. It’s an overwhelming experience, which is broken up by the sea breeze on the balcony.


Hot gardenia (first), baked glazed ham, pine. Sunscreen, perfume, foundation (lingering). Sea breeze (hint).


Jake Driscoll