Suburban, and the almost smell of rain
Ants hastily racing, in severe lines, busy preparing – light changing, swollen hands.


Humidity accentuates the aftermath
a peak
and then a sensory reward, and an overwhelming smell – and I inhale deeply to take it all in.

Wet cement and wet soil overlapping, depending on your location, you catch a stronger note of one or the other.

Inner west suburbs.

The smell of summer when the body is abuzz – moist and open.
the blurred boundaries of the body smells mixing with the smells of nature.

strange residue of coolness of just after the rain, still mixing with heat rising again from the cement, or the skin, as the sun returns.

internal/external – a commingling


wet cement, moistened soil, wet leaves, humidity, post-coital skin.


Sabrina Sokalik