2008-2012 I was in three productions at the Darlinghurst theatre: Miss Reardon Drinks A Little, Lady Windermere’s Fan, and The Importance of Being Earnest. A characteristic of this particular space was that the backstage was minuscule and that these three productions had a lot of people in them. As of necessity, modesty went out the window. Some of the younger actors were like labrador puppies with an expansive sense of personal space.


Older actors’ make up kits with the residue of grease paint (former times, prior to modern cosmetics), powder, hairspray, pungent aerosol deodorant (especially male), lipstick, hot light bulbs, heated rollers frying spray and burning hair, hint of spirit gum (for putting on moustaches), stinky takeaway, street shoes and socks coming off and character shoes going on, in the heat of summer the growing festyness of of period costumes that could not be washed during the season, poorly masked by Glen 20. Esoteric fragrances of aspiration, anticipation, collegiality, creativity, offering, ozonic smell of nerves and confidence. Individuals going inwardly in preparation.