Tension in opposition between the interior landscape of Alice and the eastern coast line.

There is a concentration of light and heat that is characteristic of a dwelling place, and the energy of the centre—not a lot of movement. In contrast, the energy of the coastline, where you have a lot of movement with the waves and the ocean—shifting marine energy.

Seasonal oppositions: the summer in Sydney – ocean breeze and frangipanis… the wetness of the water….

The pungent acrid smell of wattle signals the arrival of winter in Alice, dry sand, and the cool relief….

It’s funny that for such a dwelling place, Alice tends to have a transient energy to it, which means people are passing through. Whereas Sydney has a rapid pace but a larger number of dwellings. There are fewer families who can claim a continuous history with Alice, if you are non-indigenous. Whereas Sydney is claimed by many more.


Frangipani, Gidgee (Central Australian Wattle) Salt water, dry clay, the first rain after a long hot desert summer


Ruby Robertson