My mother used to work in the high fashion industry of Sydney during the 1970s. A life of flashy cars and expensive clothes and extravagant dinners. She was quite loved by all but most of all a very hard worker and fiercely loyal to her friends and family.
When my eldest Sister came along, Mum had to give up her high life for one of the suburbs. She moved to a small, unpopulated part of the Shire in Sydney’s south, worked in a reception room of the loyal Chiropractor and looked after her husband and child.
She longed for the life of before and soon was roped into the life of a Nutrimetics consultant. She was very successful at this and our house soon because stocked full with the products of Nutrimetics. My stongest memory of my Mum as a child was the Apricot body moisturiser she would rub into her skin every morning and night. It was sweet and comforting and slightly sticky when i would wrap my arms around her in the morning after she’d showered and applied.
It reminds me of her still.
The scent of beautiful, hard working women who was trying to regain a part of her past.


Apricot, cream, milk, freshly showered body, steam


Alex Dillon