I live in Sydney. I like living in Sydney. I like the weather. I like the coffee. It’s exciting. There are events on. It’s clean.

For me, Balmoral Beach, is a favourite place. I went there recently to celebrate my parents 40th wedding anniversary. Growing up in Sydney, Balmoral Beach has been a place where I often go to with friends and with family. It’s place of happy memories for me.

High School was tough. I found it hard. But the times I spent at the beach and the times I got away from there, helped me to recharge and to feel empowered. That helped me cope with returning. It still helps me cope with lifes challenges. That’s what makes it a place of resistance for me.

I feel lucky. I feel secure. It gives me a sense of well being.


Coffee, citrus (orange), mint, sea salt, sand


Leigh MacRitchie