On one of my first days in Sydney I saw a woman cupping a whole, ripe mango in her hands. Then I saw a woman with a frangipani behind her ear. And I thought, What is this place. It was November and all the jasmine was blooming. I love to crumple leaves in my fingers. But now I live in Marrickville and there are not many leaves to crumple. I find that there are not many plants near fences where I am. I’ve heard that Marrickville is the suburb with the least amount of green space.

Our house smells at the minute. Megan is making us take off our shoes now. There’s no carpet only tiles.

When I’m walking to Sydenham station I go past Burgomaster, it’s a burger factory with a strong smoked meat smell. It’s disgusting. I also joke about it in my Tinder profile.

Sydney is the hottest place I’ve ever lived. I’ve been noticing now my own smell more than anything. This past year there’s been some graffiti outside my apartment block, it says: ‘Life Stinks!’


Me (top note), jasmine sweet scent, smokey burger meat, ripe ripe mango (lingering)


Emily Stewart