Resistance is not an activist resistance, it’s nature resisting; resistance to civilisation.

My mother burning off food scraps and fallen eucalyptus bark in the back garden. The smell of the ocean outfall off north Bondi. Summer rain after it’s finished on the bitumen and the steam rises.

Irony of a dead rat and burning of food scraps that we’re so desperate to keep hygienic and clean but we’re just making it worse; it’s less hygienic.

Top note is lantana and followed by the burning food scraps. The more manky smells of the mould and the dead rat are the base notes. The bitumen after rain are after smells. You carry it around with you forever.


seaweed (salty sweet), sewerage, dead rat (sharp metallic), lantana weed flower (sweet), burning off of food scraps and soil mould (wet and woody)


Prudence Gibson