Australia day is tomorrow. It makes me think of my Australian childhood lifestyle. This started in primary school where teachers and a piano teacher reward me with smelling stickers. These fruit stickers smell like strawberry. Every fruit scent smells like strawberry.

After this I got bigger rewards, like smelling glitter pen during ballet dancing. Also from dancing I’m allowed a starbucks chewy lolly and I like the pink and orange ones especially, because they’re peachy and organgey.

In High School canteen I like the taste and smell of the rope lolly. This is a liquorice with nerds lollies on it. It smells like sour apple. During bad times, when I’m feeling sick, I go to the school canteen to get Eucalyptus cough lollies. That smells naturally delicious. For a cheer and chilled meal I go for the chocolate moose even on bad days. That smells like Milo powder.

I go to school that’s very diverse. I’ve been introduced to pavlova and and baclava and sippah milk scented straws. These were three of the most popular food products. In combination of this foody master piece scent it relates to Australia Day because my sweet foods are all Australian productions and celebrates variety, diversity and multiculturalism. It’s a good experience of the weird and wonderful foods produced in this wonderful land.


strong colourful bursting flavoured fruity smell, slight milo smell, strong eucalyptus natural smell