I’ve been in Sydney for one year and two months, arriving from Beijing. Beijing is too fast, too noisy, smoky and it makes me feel pressure. I decided to have a new life. My cousin told me: “Maybe you can try a new life in Sydney.”

One day I was jogging along the Cook’s River and I walked in the forest and enjoyed the moment with the birds around me. Suddenly, I came face to face with a ‘fushu’ — a small, cute animal. We looked at each other for maybe two minutes, then I shared my bread with it. It was not afraid of me, then I touched it and felt the smoothness of its fur. In that moment I felt reborn. I felt like I was ten years old.

I wanted to share this feeling with my friends, I became curious about everything I don’t know and decided never to be hurried about life. So, I think maybe I am in a paradise in that moment.


Sweat, cut grass, dew at sunset and vanilla at the moment I touched the fushu.


WU Kingston