I’m interested in the representation of the city and what defines it. I like the materials and textures of the city. I enjoy the exploration of unknown corners of the city and getting glimpses into other lives.

This one time I was wandering through Paddington. I was walking down a side street, it’s one that cars can’t drive down now, it’s a pedestrian street. It’s just off little Napier street. I saw someone set up a long table for lunch. It made me want to sit down and join that lunch. I suppose I was a bit envious. There’s a lot of desire to experience what other people in the city are experiencing. You know like seeing people on yachts or in beach side apartments? You kind of wish that was your life too.

I think we can all get little slivers of that experience. There are beautiful coastal parks all through the city that you can experience. You can day dream about having those lifestyles or that experience.

I love the textures, the colours, the materials of the city because I feel connected to it.


Light airy sunlight and salt (freshness), stone from the sand stone, figs, refined floral perfume, the southerly breeze (from the Ocean)


Elizabeth Kelly