The first time I went to Town Hall station I was discombobulated. There were no friggin signs. I wasn’t entirely familiar with the city because I’d just moved. I didn’t know if this was a stair case to no where, M C Escher style. It was hot, stinky, not ventilated. It was fuming up from the bottom.

I suppose there was a little bit of fear – that’s the competition. Everyone racing where they want to go. You have to even elbow in there to get where you need to go. But there’s a bit of excitement too.

There’s the potential to achieve new things. I think I can achieve new things here. It’s not like big cities like LA or New York but it’s not too small like some mid west cities. The Swedish have this work Lagom – it means not too this or not too that… just right.


Rubbish, concrete, baked goods (croissant), metal (zipper, battery), sulfur


Amy Fridlund