I approach scent analytically and I’m interested in capturing a moment through fragrance. The fragrance I am working on at the moment is responding to a memory of childhood, growing up in the south-west of Sydney. The suburb is literally three streets in the middle of the bush, I think the land is an army reserve.

The smell I’m interested in at the moment is the first storm of summer. A short-lived, violent electrical storm. I remember my next door neighbour’s yard was a mess of weeds and jasmine. I remember the hot wet ground as the barometer dropped and the rains fell.

I associate those storms with the mass movement of flying ants and the discarded wings that we would find on the ground after the storm.


Herbal green, rain on wet concrete, damp earth, fresh air, jasmine on the breeze (soft, floaty airy).


Grishka Belonogoff