I moved to Sydney for study about four years ago. My first apartment was this dingy arse place. There was no window in the living room and the window in my bedroom was overlooked by an office window opposite alley. It was major change. I came from Canberra and so this was dramatically different.

The apartment was peak Ultimo. I liked it. But it was the lifestyle that I was buying, I suppose. Surry Hills, kind of, embodies that lifestyle. The area aches Sydney. When I’m there I feel invigorated. There’s something about that area and consumption. When my friends and I are going there, it’s always to consume something.

Surry Hills is filled with commodities that I like to look at. I think they’re things I want. It’s on the edge of being too expensive. It’s probably less about buying things and more about – the fact that they’re nice places to be.


Clean, cotton, linen, floorboards, marble, stone