The smell of home in the Pacific North West is a mix of cedar and fresh snow; it’s cold but doesn’t shock you – it’s welcoming. I particularly like the still air just after it stops snowing, in the middle of the night—it’s quiet serene and peaceful. It draws you into the night at a time when you wouldn’t ordinarily venture out.

Choosing to move to Sydney is the other side of the world for my family; there is a resistance and lack of empathy and understanding from my family about how I could possibly make the decision to be here instead of there.

This is a new start; it smells layered and complex, like a new house that’s been cleaned and prepared for new tenants—an initial ‘new’ smell, for a fleeting moment—but followed by a warm and welcoming reassuring smell that keeps me moving forward.

Like a hot apple pie that’s just been freshly baked in the oven.


Fresh Snow, Cedar Wood, Hot baked apple pie, Fresh paint, inside of a new car, fireplace.


Caroline Williams