It was September and I was going to cake-making class in Crows Nest. I was driving across the Harbour Bridge and I had the radio on really loud with Coldplay’s song ‘Paradise’ playing. It was so vivid and I actually had to capture it, the sky was so blue and the sun was streaming down. It smelled fresh, it was a moment that told me spring had arrived.

Sydney is a young, vibrant city that comes alive in spring. That’s when all the white flowers start blooming: jasmine, gardenias, magnolias, and roses start coming out. It’s like nature starts with white flowers in spring and moves through the colours: white to violet to pink to fuschia to red.

As a Taurus, scent is part of my identity and I’ve always instinctively smelled things. My nephew is also a Taurus and he smells objects before using them too. If I’m going to wear something or drink from a cup I need to smell it first. It’s like breathing. That’s what you do.


Opportunity, sunshine, ocean, shiny, white flowers (refreshing).


Belinda Adams